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Tamed is a family owned male grooming business that was originally established in 1925 as a barbershop based in New York.

Tamed closed their shop in 1972 in order to focus solely on their handmade, caffeinated shaving creams, which have become widely known for their energy kick and their ability to steer clear of razor-bumps.

In celebration of 90 wonderful years, Tamed reopened their shop, providing a whole new experience for their loyal patrons.

Now Tamed is pairing up with local community businesses and encouraging their customers to relax while enjoying complimentary samples from shops located within walking distance. Their ongoing goal is to provide a full service grooming bar experience while revolutionizing masculinity in a salon environment. In this liberated atmosphere, Tamed is reshaping the male grooming experience.

Tamed is a fictional business I created to experience branding a company entirely from scratch. I started with the idea of constructing a male grooming salon and subsequently formed the name, story, and brand guidelines. I designed business cards, a services menu, website, social media campaign, and shipping package for online purchases. Additionally, I designed an invitation package to kick off the collaborative loyalty card program between Tamed and Flora Nest (another fictional business I constructed), to be mailed to the dearest customers of both businesses.