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Hi there, I’m Lauren. I’m a digital designer currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. I graduated from MICA in 2016 and ever since, I’ve been designing and developing websites for a variety of clients. My daily fuel is coffee and an impossible dream to one day know how to do everything.

Koru: The Game of Struggles

Koru is a card game that promotes the discussion of mental health in a light-hearted, fun, non-judgmental environment.

// Social Design, Branding, Web Design, Bootstrap Development


SKMac is a manufacturer’s representative firm serving professional audio, video, lighting, MI, and security markets.

// Web Design, Wordpress Development


Tamed is a family owned male grooming business that was originally established in 1925 as a barbershop based in New York.

// Branding, Brand Collateral Design, Web Design, Packaging Design

Magic 8

Magic 8 is an app that makes decisions for a user based on 3 subcategories: Classic 8, Sarcastic 8, and Personal 8.

// Branding, App Design

A little more about me

My love for digital design bloomed when I created my first Myspace page in 2007 and discovered the wonderful world of code. The dev life allows for the perfect balance of creative and technical, while my background in design forces intuitively detailed outcomes.

My four years at MICA taught me the value of taking unconventional design approaches to solve problems and the importance of being open minded about criticism. I’m a huge typography nerd and I’m more likely to trust a company with a nice looking website.